Antiques to get an airing in Belfast

Antiques Roadshow

Roadshow to see results at Stormont

There may not have been many positives coming out of Stormont in recent months but that could all change before the end of the month... although it's unlikely to be anything coming from the politicians.

On Saturday, 27 July, the Parliament Buildings and Stormont Estate in Belfast is the venue for the next Antiques Roadshow valuation day, when members of the public can get their antiques appraised by the BBC's panel of experts with hopefully some very positive results.

Admission to Antiques Roadshow is free, with members of the public invited to just show up with their family heirlooms for the BBC's experts to take a look at.

Admission is usually from 9.30am until 4.30pm but filming continues until 7pm, so as long as you're in the queue by 4.30pm you will be seen by one of the experts.

Antiques Roadshow welcomes as many people as possible to its valuation days, which take place between May and October every year at venues across the UK.

About 3,000 people attend each Antiques Roadshow valuation day with visitors needing to queue for reception, where they will be assigned a ticket to the relevant member of the team of experts. If you've brought a selection of items, such as a necklace, a doll and a vase, you may need to queue to see different experts.

Unfortunately queues are part of Antiques Roadshow thanks to its popularity, but there is a team of stewards and over 30 years' experience to help ensure the day goes as smoothly as possible.

Other Antiques Roadshow valuation days
Thursday, 31 August... Helmingham Hall, Stowmarket, Suffolk
Wednesday, 6 September... Cardiff Castle, Wales
Thursday, 14 September... Osborne, Isle of Wight
Thursday, 26 October... Civic Centre, Newcastle

For more details visit the Antiques Roadshow website.