Did extraterrestrials answer Arecibo message to the heavens?

Chilbolton 2001

The mystery of the crop formations: PART TWO

The Crabwood crop formation which appeared near Winchester in Hampshire in August 2002 is perhaps the most mysterious feature that has surfaced in recent times but it is just one of a plethora of complex geometric patterns that magically surface in crop fields around the globe annually… some more perplexing than others.

In the summer of 2009 a depiction of a giant jellyfish suddenly appeared in a field close to an ancient burial chamber near Ashbury in Oxfordshire that, according to enthusiasts, appeared to replicate the Earth’s magnetic field.

The 600-foot by 250-foot pattern emerged in a barley field at Wayland’s Smithy a few miles from the iconic Uffington chalk White Horse landmark and close to a burial site near the ancient Ridgeway trail...FULL STORY

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Crabwood Formation

Part Three

Liddington Formation