Liddington pattern an exact match for Roswell Rock design

Liddington 1996

The mystery of the crop formations: PART THREE

As was evident with the 2002 Crabwood crop feature, other recent formations that have surfaced appear to also have connections to the alleged 1947 flying-saucer crashes near Roswell in New Mexico.

One such design appears to be a carbon copy of an artefact known as the Roswell Rock, which is said to have been discovered in 2004 by New Mexico businessman Robert Ridge while out deer hunting on the afternoon of 4 September.

Ridge caught sight of a small partially-covered brown rock lying in the Cedar Hill desert sands, which he discovered had an embossed design on one face after he’d picked it up and dusted it down...FULL STORY

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Crabwood Formation

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Chilbolton Formation