One person’s sacrifice futile in a world that condones genocide

Aaron Bushnell

Time for humanity to stand tall to stop the slaughter

As Israel’s campaign of genocide heads into its sixth month, I’ve heard many people take solace from the knowledge they are “standing on the right side of history” by speaking out about the atrocities and condemning the United Kingdom government’s complicity in the ethnic cleansing being carried out in Gaza by Benjamin Netanyahu’s terrorist regime.

True, by protesting and taking part in the humanitarian crusades in solidarity with the innocent children and civilians being butchered by Israel in Gaza, we are doing the right and only possible thing we can if we have any empathy whatsoever with the suffering of our fellow humans. But standing on the right side of history? I’m not so sure.

I studied 20th century history for my O Levels… remember them? And if there’s one thing life has taught me since it’s that there is no right or wrong side of history, there is simply history… more often wrong than it is right... FULL STORY