Glasnost… in the spirit of Glastonbury

June at The Moon

Moon festival and Foodbank Fundraiser

Sad to be missing out on Glastonbury this year, well if you’re anywhere near Cardiff on the weekend of 23-25 June then you can still take in the party atmosphere as Glasnost hits The Moon club.

And with Glastonbury tickets weighing in at upwards of £200 you’ll be saving heaps of money as The Moon festival is free to enter.

On the bill on Friday night from 6.30pm are Mike Dennis and the Shop Girls, while on Saturday it’s the Glasnost Foodbank Fundraiser from 4pm with The D Teez, The Phucks, ATOT, and Conners and The Con Men.

On Sunday from 3pm you can catch The Chalk Outlines, Tendons, The Brwmys, Ofelia, Little Folk, CwCw, Gemma And The Owls and Eleri Angharad.

On Saturday all donations of food or cash go to Cardiff Foodbank, with contributions on Friday and Sunday going to the Creative Republic of Cardiff’s fund to keep The Moon alive, following the re-opening of the club as a non-profit organisation in April.

For more details see the Glasnost Festival Facebook page.