Satanic wrongs conjured up by a malevolent media


Census sheds light on boom in Devil worship

It’s probably a bit unrealistic to expect a Google search to conjure up much information about the leader of a UK satanic group, but to my amazement it did throw up more than I’d expected on the Global Order of Satan, an organisation that hit the headlines recently... not for anything more outlandish than the fact it could offer some insight into the growing number of people practising “the faith” in the United Kingdom.

And how do we know this? Well, it comes from an extremely reliable source in the findings of the Office for National Statistics’ 2021 census, which discovered the number of people in England and Wales who identified themselves as satanists had increased by 167 per cent between 2011 and 2021, when the number rose from 1,893 to 5,054 over the 10-year period.

In fact, one of the most surprising findings of the 2021 census on religion was this rapid rise in the “worship” of the figure also known as the Devil, who – in Christianity and Judaism – is considered the embodiment of all evil. The reason for this rapid increase is not immediately apparent but it did correlate with other ONS data suggesting a reverence for the Devil was increasing... FULL STORY