The Crusades and the journey down the rabbit hole


From the Templars to the New World Order

Perhaps you’ve never heard of the Black Pope, Octogon, Executive Outcomes and Blackwater, but the names Dutch East India Company, Hudson's Bay Company, Wells Fargo and Jesuits may strike more of a chord? No doubt many will have come across the Templars, Crusaders and Masons… but what do all these bodies have in common?

Well the answer is simple, they are all players in the power grab that has taken place over the past millennium or two which has created the world we now live in, one where we falsely believe Democrats, Republicans, Communists, Fascists, Labour or Conservative call the shots... but the real seats of power stretch back through history to the dynasties that have survived the passage of time.

To some it is recognised as the Deep State, Illuminati or New World Order… to a more select group it is known as Octogon... FULL STORY