Look beyond the propaganda and demand the genocide stops


Children of Gaza crying out for our support

It must be so comforting for Israel’s despotic Likud leadership to know their globalist allies around the world are backing their Gaza genocide campaign to the hilt, pulling out all the stops to justify this fascist government’s repetition of the Nazi atrocities unleashed in WWII. Did the lessons of the Holocaust count for nothing?

Rishi Sunak’s government in the UK last week voted down calls for an immediate ceasefire to stop Israel’s slaughter of children, the future of the Palestinian people. It’s quite clearly a policy of ethnic cleansing but that’s all right because Israel is just defending itself… but from whom, children?

Hamas, whose incursion across the most secure border on the planet on 7 October provided the justification for this carnage, is an Israeli phantom… infiltrated, financed and foisted on the people of Gaza after Yasser Arafat’s Palestine Liberation Organisation showed too much intent to come to the negotiating table with former Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin... FULL STORY