Suella: Goes to synagogue and a big fan of chicken schnitzel


But protest against genocide and it's a 'hate march'

Apparently Suella Braverman is Britain’s home secretary, not something I was totally aware of as I’ve virtually abstained from “politics” decades ago and generally have very little regard for the people who seek public office. If someone emerged on the political scene who genuinely had a sense of justice and a desire to serve the people of our country I’d take an interest… but sadly I feel very few of them do.

And from what I’ve read recently Braverman is really not someone I’d consider to be inclined to serve my interests or those of most British voters.

According to Braverman’s assessment I now take part in “hate marches” because, as an educated individual with an interest in history and an intolerance for injustice, I have taken part in rallies condemning Israel’s genocidal ethnic-cleansing of Palestine, which it has occupied since the end of WW II... FULL STORY