Graffwerk Bring The Paint to Leicester

Bring The Paint Festival

Award-winning festival returning to city

In 2017 Leicester played host to an award-winning immersive event that brought an array of activities to the city including live artworks, skateboarding, break-dancing, BMX, live music and exhibitions.

Artists from all over the world came together to showcase a vast wealth of talent that has gone on to serve as inspiration for further artistic activities within the city of Leicester.

A platform for creative collaboration on a monumental scale Bring The Paint delivered beyond expectations... and it's back this year.

The driving force behind the festival, the multi-faceted arts project team Graffwerk have come up with an enhanced programme of activities for 2019 designed to showcase the city's diverse and thriving arts scene.

Focusing on aerosol art, Graffwerk is the culmination of years of independent collaborative projects supporting the development of artists and musicians locally and nationally. The aim of the organisation is to redefine the visual landscape of cities through the use of street art and the organisation is active in artist management, educational initiatives, and project management alongside various social-improvement activities.

The Graffwerk team have genuine grassroots experience in street-art culture and work to provide bespoke large-scale, custom-designed murals drawing from a team of professional artists who work to an extremely high standard and cover all styles and formats.

Based at their street arts centre, The Mill, at North Mills in Leicester's Frog Island, the Graffwerk team offer an array of activities throughout the year including workshops and other educational programmes featuring live art, illustration and graphic design.

The centre houses an established street art shop GraffHQ, vegan cafe, a public gallery curated by Graffwerk, print studio and a resident artist studio, as well as a large area for artists of all abilities to develop their skills.

Bring The Paint Festival 2019 will run from 25-26 May and will bring a vibrant splash of colour to the city's Cultural Quarter along with an extensive programme of activities for everyone to enjoy.

For more information visit the Bring The Paint Festival website.