Heritage coast provides a home for rare butterfly population


Fritillary flourish in the Alun Valley

Cabbage whites and red admirals aside, I’m not much of a butterfly aficionado… but just like the high brown fritillary I am quite partial to the Alun Valley.

For those not from that part of the world and those, like myself, unfamiliar with the name, the Alun Valley sits in the western section of the Vale of Glamorgan, near the villages of St Brides Major and Ewenny, which I know better for their pubs and a cracking little pottery that I visited frequently with my parents many moons ago.

But other than Ewenny ware and Brains SA I didn’t know much about the area until I spoke to members from Butterfly Conservation, who proudly informed me that it was in fact the last place in Wales to offer a home to the high brown fritillary (Argynnis adippe), the country’s most endangered butterfly... FULL STORY