Is Mayan ‘ring of fire’ feature of Wiltshire crop circle?


What messages are hidden in the cereal fields?

It’s a worldwide phenomenon that occurs anywhere where fields of wheat and barley can be found, but the origin of the incredible patterns that emerge overnight across the cereal belt, commonly known as crop circles, remain a mystery despite regular manifestations throughout the summer months, with particular emphasis on Wiltshire and Hampshire in England’s heartland.

Already this year patterns have been reported in the area, with intricate designs appearing in barley fields in Winterbourne Bassett and Broad Hinton, two adjacent villages less than 15 kilometres south of Swindon in Wiltshire.

The latest of these in Winterbourne Bassett, a short hop off the A4361, had tongues wagging due to its similarity to a massive pictogram that appeared in East Field – outside Stanton St Bernard, near Devizes – in July 1990... FULL STORY