The Pleiadian explanation for the crop-circle conundrum

Owlesbury crop circle

Is quartz the key to pictogram placement?

Having done extensive research on the “crop circle” phenomenon I’ve yet to come across a satisfactory explanation for their creation but, once again, 2023 is proving a bumper season for “croppies”, with another example reported on Monday this week near Owslebury in Hampshire.

Some of the earliest documented cases, dating back to the 1980s, were clearly the work of hoaxers using simple technology to trample patterns in the grain fields under the cover of darkness... but many of the more impressive examples seem to magically appear and suggest far more sophisticated methods of creation, the fields being normal one minute and then mysteriously exhibiting extremely complex designs shortly afterwards.

And, rather than showing signs of being trampled, the plant nodes display evidence of being subjected to high levels of microwave energy… this “blasting” effect seemingly causing water inside the nodes to vaporise and dislodge, resulting in the stalks bending over to produce extremely complex patterns... FULL STORY