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Crop circles reveal that aliens are among us

So far there have been no reports in August of crop circles appearing in the wheat and barley fields of England’s heartland, but there have already been at least 15 this year, with six reported in July: at Chillandham Lane (two instances), Lane End Down and Barton Stacey in Hampshire; Norton Plantation in Wiltshire; and Cakebole Lane in Worcestershire.

The origins of these incredible patterns that emerge overnight across the cereal belts remains a mystery but our earlier article, The Pleiadian Explanation For The Crop-circle Conundrum, offers one possible theory that is as likely as any previously put forward… the notion being that “authentic crop circles are made by Pleiadians and Arcturians” under the command of the Galactic Federation Of Worlds, who utilise our planet’s “sacred geometry” to create the pictograms in areas where there are giant underground quartz deposits.

This scenario suggests “cloaked” spacecraft visiting our planet create the circles by activating underground crystals to generate surface patterns that serve as navigational aids and refuelling sites for other passing craft... FULL STORY