Why Twitter rebranding has fuelled talk of the beast

Elon Musk

And are NFTs one way to cash in on the gossip?

Just like the “weigh-in” histrionics that traditionally hype up boxing showdowns, there’s nothing quite like a bout between two “technotwats” to get tongues wagging in the world of social media.

Certainly much curiosity was generated when Elon Musk snapped up Twitter in 2022… the big question being whether he’d also target Instagram, acquired by Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg in 2012.

It resulted in much sparring between the industry titans that was all pretty insignificant since Musk probably had no real interest in prising Instagram away from Zuckerberg as his acquisition of Twitter had already aligned the three most influential social platforms with the “New World Order” oligarchs who buddy up annually at the World Economic Forum summits in Davos, Switzerland... FULL STORY