For humanity’s sake bring an end to the Gaza genocide


Rubble hides thousands killed by missile strikes

Jamaican-born dub poet Linton Kwesi Johnson was the first person, in the late 1970s, to make me completely aware as a young undergraduate that Margaret Thatcher’s England was “a bitch”… but there’s still “no escaping it”, Rishi Sunak’s England is an even bigger bitch.

How can any decent human being not condemn Jerusalem’s genocidal assault on the children of Palestine caught up in Benjamin Netanyahu's merciless bombing of Gaza, which has followed a “surprise” Hamas false-flag incursion across the most technologically-advanced border on the planet that is more than capable of alerting the Israel Defence Forces if a rat is approaching it.

But Sunak and the UK government seems to condone the genocide… defending the carnage of innocent children by calling it Israel’s right to “defend itself” rather than the slaughter of innocent lives which it really is... FULL STORY