Church bell tolls for an end to the ethnic cleansing of Palestine

Charlotte Church

But mainstream media refuses to share her words

Boasting an impressive list of speakers, including singer and TV personality Charlotte Church, Saturday’s Welsh National March For Palestine saw thousands of humanitarian crusaders from across Wales gather in Cardiff’s Central Square to express their prayers for the UK government to stop condoning Benjamin Netanyahu’s campaign of terror in Gaza, where tens of thousands of children and civilians have been slaughtered by the Israel Defence Forces since the false-flag Hamas raid on 7 October.

Also speaking at the biggest solidarity rally to take place in the nation since Israel’s genocidal campaign began were a number of members of Wales’ Palestinian solidarity movement such as Palestine Social Club chairperson Sumayya Ahmed, Palestine Solidarity Campaign honorary president Betty Hunter, Cardiff councillor Ali Ahmed, MP Beth Winter, MS Peredur Owen Griffiths and Swansea cardiologist Ahmed Sabra… who became trapped in Gaza, with his family, when the tragedy in the Palestinian enclave was unfolding last month.

Organised by the Wales For A Free Palestine coalition, the march also saw a number of Palestinian activists from Wales decry Israel’s campaign of ethnic cleansing in their homeland and call for the UK government to back an immediate permanent ceasefire in Gaza, supposedly experiencing a temporary four-day humanitarian respite from the carnage this weekend following a truce brokered after talks mediated by Qatar, the United States and Egypt... FULL STORY