Uefa logic dictates Israel should face same sanction as Russia


And surely it's time for Pep to speak up?

I’m not someone who generally approves of using sport for political ends, believing friendly competition is perhaps the best tool we possess to unite people from different cultures and backgrounds… but as more and more money has come into play during my lifetime even the world of sport has become tainted by greed and avarice.

The way the 2020-21 Premier League season and Euro 2020 finals were sacrificed to the Covid plandemic scam just about destroyed any remaining faith I had in the integrity of professional sporting bodies so, OK, let’s use sport to bring some justice to the world too shall we?

Instead of prostituting it to the objectives of the global elite who gather in Davos, Switzerland, each year at the World Economic Forum (WEF) summit to plot the collapse of society… how about we restore some meaning and use it to put pressure on the evil regimes dehumanising our world? FULL STORY