Festive priorities all screwed up in a desensitised world


For Christmas in Gaza they'd be grateful for water

Heading from the bus stop on Wood Street to the Aneurin Bevan statue on Queen Street the temperature was far too low to follow the normal route down St Mary Street, instead I took the path through St David’s Centre and immediately wished I’d braved the cold outside.

Before midday, on just the second day in December, and St David’s was heaving with a mindless morass of tranced-out shoppers zombie-dancing from one store-front to the next. Enough to make my head begin to explode.

I flew through the maddening throng and soon emerged on Queen Street and looked down towards the Aneurin Bevan statue to see whether I had already missed the start of yesterday’s humanitarian crusade in solidarity for the people of Palestine, once more being mercilessly bombed by the Israeli state after a short respite in the genocide which Israel no doubt hoped would appease the worldwide protest against its ethnic cleansing of Palestine... FULL STORY