We can lead a cause to Waters but you decide whether to drink

Roger Waters

The case for justice from a Pink Floyd legend

You know how it is sometimes, when you wake up from a dream and there’s this earworm wiggling around in your brain? Well, since last Saturday’s humanitarian crusade in Cardiff in solidarity with the people of Gaza suffering mercilessly at the hands of the Israel Defence Forces (IDF), I’ve had a slightly modified snippet of music from Pink Floyd’s 1979 concept album The Wall ringing in my head.

It’s from the second part of the track Another Brick In The Wall and if you’re familiar with the album and are awake enough to the current situation in Palestine you can probably figure out what it is… but it’s not the “teacher” my head is telling to “leave them kids alone” it’s Benjamin Netanyahu’s terrorist state of Israel that my mind’s lashing out at.

So come on, sing it with me: “Hey Israel, leave them kids alone… all in all, it's just a-nother brick in the wall"... FULL STORY