False flags flying in Middle East to inflame a global catastrophe

Middle East

WEF puppets inciting a climate for a world at war

I woke up yesterday to the heartbreaking news that the United States and United Kingdom had been stepping up their efforts to foment the outbreak of World War III by mercilessly bombing targets in Iraq and Syria. The weather outside sounded frightful and in Cardiff later in the day Wales’ Six Nations campaign would kick off against Scotland at the Principality Stadium.

And so began an internal quandary about whether to remain at home to vent my anger at the lunacy in the world, and how the Middle East is being used to instigate a global conflict, sat in front of my keyboard in a comfortable flat or whether to brave the miserable conditions outside to join the all-too frequent Saturday humanitarian crusade in solidarity for the people of Palestine that would be taking place later in a city filled with desensitised rugby revellers.

Stupidly I laboured over the dilemma for much of the morning but, having written an article the day before about Pink Floyd co-founder Roger Waters’ awakening to the humanitarian tragedy in Palestine, I thought of some wise advice he’d received from his mother when he was a teenager... FULL STORY