Time for Wales to put humanity first and boycott Euro play-offs

Euro 2024

If Israel is in FAW should pull out of March shootout

With Israel’s campaign of genocide in Gaza now into its fifth month I find it absolutely staggering that its name went into the draw yesterday (8 February) for the 2024-25 Uefa Nations League, which did not contain the name of Russia because of its phoney stage-managed conflict with Ukraine.

Please explain why there is no place for Russia in the competition but Israel, which has slaughtered more than 20,000 innocent children and civilians in its ethnic-cleansing campaign in Palestine, gets to line-up alongside three of Europe’s best teams in the top echelon of the biennial tournament?

In the draw Israel came out in Group A2 alongside Italy, Belgium and France for the competition that takes place between September this year and the finals in June next year. That should leave its group opponents with the simple matter of notifying Uefa that they will boycott the event if Israel is allowed to compete. But for the 12 other teams in the A league the decision is a little more complicated because they would only have to face Israel if they qualified for the quarter-finals next year along with the terrorist state... FULL STORY