From the ‘great abstainer’ to a Euro no-brainer for Wales

Euro 2024

Israeli terror campaign in Gaza has to be stopped

Oh yes he’s the “great abstainer” and he’s “pretending that he’s doing well” in a lovely series of little podcasts being put out on Instagram at great expense by the Conservative Party... but money well spent on Alun “Friend of Israel” Cairns as it’s only a drop in the ocean in comparison to the Tory government’s investment on kid-killing weapons to bolster Benjamin Netanyahu’s campaign of genocidal ethnic cleansing in Gaza.

As The Platters sang in the their famous ballad, Cairns’ needs must be such that he “pretends too much”… he’s rattled and we all can tell! Oh yes, he’s the great abstainer adrift in a world of his own, his need to be all that he’s not has left him to “dream all alone”.

“Too real is this feeling of make-believe”... too real when he feels what his deeds can't conceal, the campaign of genocide he condones. Yes, he’s the great abstainer “just laughing and gay like a clown”. He pretends to be all that he’s not and he’s wearing his guilt “like a crown”... FULL STORY