Call for a ceasefire Starmer’s only hope of restoring credibility

Dewi Sant

But it's just shades of grey come election day

Good or bad, for better or worse, one thing we can all be certain of is that life goes on. And right at this moment I’m thankful I have the good fortune that mine is centred in a country that is not under siege by the Israel Defence Forces (IDF) bombing hospitals, schools, universities and all other possible places of refuge for the tens of thousands of Palestinians being ethnically cleansed from Gaza by Benjamin Netanyahu’s terrorist Likud regime in Jerusalem.

But if it weren’t for social media and the unfailing efforts of humanitarian crusaders around the globe the true horror of the IDF campaign of genocide in Gaza would probably not be reaching the opposite side of the European continent.

And the reason for that is our mainstream media has long since been bought and paid for by the same malevolent forces behind Israel’s final solution for its “Palestine problem” after 75 years of unjustly occupying the land. But unfortunately the vast majority of people in the United Kingdom still believe the British Broadcasting Corporation is an organisation of great integrity and a paragon of justice when in fact it is nothing of the sort, rather a propaganda machine for the same demonic entities that support Israel... FULL STORY