A lot of remixing going on

London Remixed Festival

All roots lead to Shoreditch

Londoners can look forward to shaking off their winter blues at the start of February when the streets of Shoreditch will hop to the rhythm of roots music.

A celebration of the best emerging musical talent and genres, London Remixed Festival features more than 25 cutting-edge bands and DJs playing across four stages on 1-2 February... all in one vibrant venue.

A rich mix of talented artists will bring the best of all worlds including Latin grooves, Afro beats, tropical bass, vintage-remix, desert remix, Balkan beats, urban roots, acoustic sound-clash, reggae-dub and brass band remix to the Rich Mix arts centre on Bethnal Green Road in the heart of Shoreditch.

As well as live music and DJ sets, visitors can also take part in the free Remix workshops, silent disco, the ‘disco lift’ or the infamous Remix speed dating.

Among the headliners this year are Onipa, Henge, Rum Buffalo, Animanz, Malphino, True Strays, Nazim Ziryab, Ludi's Eye and the Gypsies of Bohemia.

On Friday night the Brass Off stage, curated by Continental Drifts, features Deadbeat Brass vs Das Brass; DJ Chris Tofu and Count Bassy.

On Saturday there's plenty to choose from with four stages including Tropicarnival (curated by Wormfood and Movimientos), Polka Club (curated by Continental Drifts and MARSM), and Folk Ghetto (curated by Fire In The Mountain and Woodburner).

For more information about London Remixed Festival visit the website.