Gizeh reason to visit Eeklo

Gizehfest 2019

Two editions of Gizehfest for 2019

Launched in February 2018 to celebrate Manchester label Gizeh Records' diverse roster, Gizehfest has quickly expanded to two editions for 2019 with a second event in Eeklo, Belgium, in February alongside the core event at the Soup Kitchen in March.

Known for not focusing on any one genre of music, Gizeh is bringing together an assorted collection of its current roster for Gizehfest, with the label pushing into a new country to attract a wider audience with a show at the N9 venue in Eeklo on 6 February 2019.

It promises to be a boundary-pushing sonic experience featuring one-off collaborations and exclusive performances including Nadja, A-Sun Amissa, a collaboration between Aidan Baker and Karen Willems, plus Otto Lindholm and Jean D L coming together to perform a new piece exclusively for Gizehfest.

The second coming takes place at Manchester's Soup Kitchen on 9 March and features Hundred Year Old Man, A-Sun Amissa, ARC Soundtracks and Aging.

For tickets and more information about both editions of Gizehfest 2019 visit the website.