Rahm A Drama Ding Dong devalues Memorial Tournament

Jon Rahm

Golf hijacked to add credence to Covid lunacy

Credit to Jon Rahm, on his part he seems to have taken his forced withdrawal from the Memorial Tournament on the chin… but when a man who is leading a championship by six strokes going into the final day is asked to withdraw because of a bogus virus to give credence to the lunacy overwhelming our world at the moment you have to question why sports’ governing bodies are playing along with this nonsense.

I’m sorry if you’re unable to recognise the tragic state of affairs we are facing right now, but why are we bothering about sport when it is being hijacked to give legitimacy to one of the most appalling plots ever perpetrated by those in power on this planet.

Apparently on Monday, 31 May, the PGA Tour notified Rahm he was subject to contact-tracing protocols as he had come in close contact with a person who had tested Covid positive... FULL STORY