UFOs: Greer’s disclosure crusade

Steven Greer

Debunking perception of an Unidentified threat

With so many distractions in the modern world to occupy our time it’s easy for events to pass us by, but when pubs are shut, offices closed and there’s no football on the box it presents an opportunity to catch up with all the things we’ve been meaning to do but never found the time for.

A fan of documentaries, more than three months of lockdown in 2020 has given me the chance to catch up with many of the series that are the staple of channels such as Yesterday, Sky History, Blaze and Netflix. But having exhausted the catalogues of Abandoned Engineering, Forbidden History, Ancient Egypt, World War Weird, Secret Nazi Bases and Impossible Engineering, I’ve found myself in the realms of Ancient Aliens.

The possibility of life beyond our planet is something I think is of universal interest to mankind and many of the archaeological sites unveiled in this series are remarkable feats of engineering that quite simply boggle the mind… enough to make even the most ardent sceptic wonder about our past... READ MORE